Fort Morgan Fishing Reports

Your Fort Morgan Fishing Experience

Welcome to Black Flag Company's Fishing Report! Stay updated on the latest fishing conditions and hotspots along the beautiful Alabama coastline. Led by Captain Stephen Crews, our experienced team provides comprehensive insights to help you plan your next angling adventure. Whether you're targeting trophy game fish offshore or exploring the inshore waters of Gulf Shores, rely on Black Flag Company to keep you informed and ready for an unforgettable day on the water.

We get these questions often. Is Fort Morgan the same as Gulf Shores? Why is it called Fort Morgan? What is Fort Morgan famous for? Well, Fort Morgan is not the same as Gulf Shores; they are neighboring areas along the Alabama coastline. Fort Morgan is named after the historic Fort Morgan, a 19th-century military fortification that played a significant role in various conflicts, including the Civil War. Today, Fort Morgan is famous for its pristine beaches, rich history, and excellent fishing opportunities. Black Flag Company, situated in Fort Morgan, capitalizes on this renowned fishing destination, offering premier fishing charters led by Captain Stephen Crews. Anglers flock to Fort Morgan for its abundant marine life and the chance to reel in prized catches, making it a perfect location for Black Flag Company's exceptional fishing experiences. Take a look at our fishing reports to discover the thrilling experiences our guests have had while reeling in these incredible fish!

At Black Flag Company, we offer fishing trips ranging from 3 to 12 hours, allowing you to select the perfect adventure based on your preferences and desired duration on the water.

We understand that planning your next fishing excursion involves many resources, and we're delighted that our insights have been beneficial to you. Here at Black Flag Company, we're dedicated to sharing our expertise about this beautiful aquatic environment with fellow passionate anglers like yourself. We look forward to embarking on a fishing adventure together!

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