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Common Orange Beach Fish Species Questions

What is the biggest fish in Gulf Shores?

The Gulf Shores is home to a variety of large fish species, but one of the biggest is the blue marlin, known for its impressive size and strength. Black Flag Company specializes in offshore fishing charters in Gulf Shores, providing anglers with the opportunity to target and potentially reel in trophy blue marlin and other prized game fish.

What fish are biting in Gulf Shores Alabama?

In Gulf Shores, Alabama, a variety of fish are biting, including red snapper, king mackerel, speckled trout, and redfish, among others, depending on the season and conditions. Black Flag Company, led by Captain Stephen Crews, offers expert-guided fishing charters tailored to target these sought-after species, ensuring anglers have the best chance of landing their desired catch in the waters of Gulf Shores.

What is the best bait for pier fishing in Gulf Shores?

For pier fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, live bait such as shrimp, squid, and small fish like mullet or pinfish are highly effective in attracting a variety of species including pompano, redfish, and flounder. Black Flag Company provides expert advice on bait selection and offers tailored pier fishing charters, ensuring anglers have the right gear and bait for a successful fishing experience along the Gulf Shores piers.

A Black Flag Company Fishing Charter targets the top Fort Morgan Fish species including Greater Amberjack (Also Called Great Amberfish, Jenny Lind, Rock Salmon, Doronado, Madregal, Amberjack), Lesser Amberjack (Also Called False Amberjack, Little Amberjack, Amberjack ), Cobia (Also Called Black Salmon, Crab Eater, Lemon Fish, Sergeant Fish ), Mahi Mahi or Common Dolphinfish (Also Called Dolphin, Dolphinfish, Common Dolphin, Mahi-Mahi, Dorado, Dourade ), Gag Grouper (Also Called Charcoal Belly, Velvet Rockfish, Grouper ), King Mackerel (Also Called Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel ), Blacktip Shark (Also Called Shark, Blacktip Shark ), Red Snapper (Also Called Pensacola Red Snapper, Northern Red Snapper ), Grey Snapper (Also Called Mangrove Snapper, Gray Snapper ), Spanish Mackerel (Also Called Atlantic Spanish Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel), Grey Triggerfish (Also Called Leatherjacket, leatherneck, Taly), Wahoo Fish (Also Called Ono, Ono Malani, Hoo, Pacific Kingfish, Malata kingfish, Queen fish, Paala, Paere, Peto, Sierra, Solandra, Serra-da India, Kamasu-Sawara, Acantocibio, Cavala de India, Keskas, Kin Fis, Mersad, Kinkfish, Peto, Guarapucu, Thazard batard). We primarily Fish the Gulf of Mexico.